I am getting the same error on a couple of computers running windows 7. I downloaded a fresh version of MRL and put it in a new MRL folder. Under help there is not a "no worky" . starting Python does not work.Both of these computers run 1.0.95 if that helps. error is something about StreamGobbler. See attached file of screen.

thanks for the help


7 years 6 months ago

Hi Harland, nice to see you .. its been a while.

First thing, ya - the state of MRL is not too happy now.. I'm doing lots of changes and I did not know how to use Git(Hub) very proficiently.

I "could" check in the big amount of changes I've done but .. I'm not done .. and that would be like someone asking you to let them drive a car you've been working on, with all the oil out, and the brake lines drained :)

1.0.107 is MRL with some of the wires clipped .. but you can start Python in it if you do a runtime -> system -> install all ...

That process will return errors (because the repo's oil has been drained) - but it will get you a worky Python..

Sorry, that's the best I can do at the moment...

With my very limited time, I can't go back and fix things I've already fixed.. so BOLDLY FORWARD !

If its any consolation (it is for me) .. 1.0.108+ will be the first release which does a large amount of "self testing" before any "human" uses it.

Good Luck !