I just built a reprap i3 3d printer.

1. My print head(MK8) temp is 499c stopping all movement but home.

2. My z axis when I tell it to move 200mm it only move 29mm.

3. My printbed reads 0c but that may be do to the printhead stopping the startup checks.

any help would be greatly welcome.  I have been stuck for 5 days looking on the internet for some answer.  I order new nozzle with thermistor with it because I am getting no uhm reading off the head.  I put a light resistor on the board and got it to read so I could move all axisses.


9 years 1 month ago

try this question on the RepRap page on FB---lots of very helpful people on there


9 years 1 month ago

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Sounds like your thermistor may not be defined correctly. Then your PID settings should be set around about where you need them in order to autotune the PID parameters.

The Z-Axis E-Steps are mostly likely put in incorrectly. The REPRAP.org forum has tons of calculators and members who will gladly help you out with this.

Your heater issue more than likely is due to the heater being hooked up to the wrong terminals. D9 or D10 depending on your firmware settings. 

What kind of board are you running RUMBA, RAMPS 1.4 or SMOOTHIE BOARD?

Just need a bit more information and we can probably get you up and running in short order.

Again REPRAP.ORG has tons of info on the setup and calibration of the i3 Prusa.

Anyway I can help please dont hesitate to ask always willing to help a fellow maker.



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Didyou get any documentation with the printer kit that listed the type of thermistor and other parameters for the printer?

In the documentation from your ebay purchase it looks as though they covered everything quite well. Just a couple of errors that i pick up in your previous post. Z- E steps and themistor PID are the big standouts.

At this point I would suggest reading through your documentation and manual for the printer once again and report back with any areas you are not fully understanding. 

We will get you printing just takes a little effort on your part as well as ours.


Dwayne Dwilli9013