Happy MRL Anniversary - WOOOHOOO \o/ !!!!

KMC mentioned MRL Ambassador Alessandruino has been a member for 1 YEAR today ! 


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Thank you so much guys :) i

Thank you so much guys :) i really enjoyed MRL and MRLers... I learned a lot in this year... When i went here for the first time i had not a 3d printer, i didn t know java or python and this kind of stuffs :) i really would like to thank you guys... Because I learned a lot and I found here lots of FRIENDS.. Not just users... I tried to be an active user for this community and gave all the help I could...Thank you so much again for this awesome post :)

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EHEHEH! this is definitly a

EHEHEH! this is definitly a Celebration!!

I thought of you being in France the other day!

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Eheheh :) thank you so much

Eheheh :) thank you so much gael :) And thank you for the pic :) you are one of the friends I was mentioning in my reply to the post ;)