Happy Fun Tank


Here's my first successful test, I've got the tank up on blocks at the moment.

There does seem to have a bit of a wire management problem.

Theres a pan/tilt webcam on the front, and a Raspberry Pi and Battery Pack in the back.

The Arduino uses four pins, to trigger the two tank treads forward and backward.

Watch out world, I've got wheels now!

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GroG's picture

WooHoo !

will it soon have a RasPi brain ?  Was that the "I'm gonna see what I can do with MRL & RasPi" comment :)
Mobile Sentry ? 

Looks Like a Great Beginning !!!


What was control done with ?  Keyboard, Joystick, Other ?

GroG's picture

Happy Fun Tank ! BWAHAHAHAHA !

That was quick !

With Mood Lighting !  Ooooh, it be nice to drive around from a web page :)  All kinds of possiblities !
I hate f*king wires !   I'd want a halo of bluetooth radiation to replace the wires !