So I final got one hand hooked up to servo and I can turn on a sweep on each fingure. I am trying to create a script to cycle each finger from 0-180 in the full velocity specified but no matter what command I run in python I get noo response. Does anyone have a sample I can try ? I am on a Mac and I am not starting up Inmoov via the sh script. So I am not sure if I have bad scripting or an underlying problem that isnt executing my commands.  thanks  attaching myy latest log


3 years 2 months ago

You are using an old script for an older version of MRL which must cause some errors.
Here is a link to a script compatible with the version Manticore.1.0.2693…

1-Launch myrobotlab.jar
2-Copy paste the script into the python tab window
3-adapt the com ports to your needs like:
rightPort = "/dev/cu.usbmodem14201"
4-Go into the ear tab clik both red buttons and startwebgui, and make sure you are using Chrome as browser to have the bot listening to your commands.

Now it should be working properly.
Once you know it works, you can start to add your own ear.addcommands and defs.