Haar Cascades

Thanks to Paul Souza - he found a work around for the crashing face detect on certain systems. It seems to be related to a specific Haar cascade file (haarcascade_frontalface_alt.xml).  These files represent the result of Haar Training (A laborious process which should be automated) and are used as object detectors in OpenCV.  Paul overwrote the troublesome file with haarcascade_frontalface_alt2.xml. 

Which led to me to do something which I have been meaning to do for a while .. which is to have a selectable Haar filename...

This worked rather well.  On my system I was able to switch between the various files while a capture was in progress.  You could get a feeling of the accuracy, and speed of each of the files quite easily.

Thanks Paul !

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Alessandruino's picture

Full worky on WIN7 64 bit

Full worky on WIN7 64 bit GroG!!!!

Here is my new sunglasses :D

GroG's picture

You are very stylish in your

You are very stylish in your new glasses....

All filters worked (or at least did not crash)... Yay !

Alessandruino's picture

Record frame worky !!! yay

Record frame worky !!! yay !!! eyes still detected when closed...