GroGoProP Meets the Olimex EKG/EMG Shield

I have been searching for a while to find a way to control my projects with "Muscle" activity , at last I have found an easy solution with this :- an Olimex EKG/EMG shield from Newark Electronic components .

I initially attached it to my Arduino Mega board and tested out the Brain_Bay and also the ElectricGuru software, however they are not exactly reading things in "Real Time" (in fact hopeless) not so good for "in the moment" what to do...... simple.. MRL it with my GroGoProp system and gain an extra 2 bits of ADC accuracy (YAY)....... and read all that is actually required (1 analog ) instead of the over the top 17 Byte payload the Arduino prog gives out.

I fired up my GroGoProP system and attached only 3 wires the  3.3V/0.0V - EKG/EMG analog off the Olimex board and presto...

What you see above is my heart beat EKG reading in real time - Its a 3 probe system Right arm/ Left arm / Left leg.

The probes can be rearranged to pick up muscle data EMG quite easily...

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GroG's picture

The Busy Swiss Elves !

How are they not monitoring in "real" time ?  Seems strange..

What do other muscles look like, e.g. flexing bicep ?

Do you have a github account ?  Have you made changes to the GroGoProp ?  If you send me your GitHub account I can add you to the Crack-Dev Monkey Team and you can check changes to the GroGoProp whenever you want.

What's next for myo?

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Burst mode...!!!!

First of the "Cap" both Brain_Bay and Eletric_Guru are Very good tools to work with.... (best in my opinion)

From what I can observe (checked on 2 PCs) is that they work somehow in "Burst mode" ie collect data .....then display/save at some other moment in time (ie its buffered) .... I cannot see any obvious way to change the update rates, to sync to real time.

The "Brain_Bay" software is geared heavily on recording and playback of data (maybe its this that interferes).

 As you can link midi sounds (the midi is awesome in its self, great fun) to the output traces ... all works fine when you record and playback your heart rate...

.....however when tested it in this strange monitor sensor (err real time) mode the apparent data burst effect messes up the actual "Lub_Dub" sound (aka midi anysound) ..... so the sound does not sync with your heart...