Giant 3D Printer

Showing some of our latest work in my shop. This is a MegaMax 3D printer capable of storing a regular sized Reprap printer inside of it. O.o

Yes I'll put some video up of it actually printing, but that's going to be a 20+ hour print...

Here's a three hour video of the first prints on the machine. the model is 100mm tall but it looks so tiny in the giant print bed!



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DancesWithRobots's picture

THAT is a big printer.

If you can lay a piece of printer paper inside the normal sized reprap, then you could store my printer inside that one.

dwilli9013's picture

How Big.

What are your actual build dimensions?

Just got back from ATX West Where I debuted our 1 meter x 1 meter x 1/2 meter X1000.

Big is awesome. Just the time factor on really large prints is a trade off.