getting started with WolframAlpha? - [SOLVED]

I was wondering how to get the WolframAlpha service started because I was interested in somehow incorporating it into the InMoov robot I am making. I can manually query a result in the gui but I cannot get the text that shows up to store as a string or appear in the python environment. 

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This  wolfram =


wolfram = Runtime.createAndStart("wolfram","WolframAlpha")
answer = wolfram.wolframAlpha("Who wrote Stairway to Heaven?")
print answer
gives me this
Input interpretationStairway to Heaven  (music work) | composer
ResultJimmy Page  |  Robert Plant
Basic information | Jimmy Page | Robert Plant
full name | James Patrick Page | Robert Anthony Plant
date of birth | Sunday, January 9, 1944 (age: 69 years) | Friday, August 20, 1948 (age: 65 years)
place of birth | London, Greater London, United Kingdom | Birmingham, Birmingham, United Kingdom
Physical characteristics | height
Jimmy Page | 5' 11"
Robert Plant | 6' 1"
Familial relationshipsJimmy Page | James Page  |  Patricia Page
Robert Plant | Annie Cain Plant  |  Robert C. Plant
Robert Plant | Allison Plant
Jimmy Page | Charlotte Martin  (1970-1983)  (domestic partnership)  |  Patricia Ecker  (1986-1995)  |  Jimena Gómez-Paratcha  (1995-2008)
Robert Plant | Maureen Wilson  (1968-1983)
Jimmy Page | Ashen Josan Page  |  Jana Page  |  James Patrick Page III  |  Scarlet Page  |  Zofia Jade Page
Robert Plant | Logan Romero Plant  |  Carmen Jane Plant  |  Jesse Lee Plant  |  Karac Pendragon Plant
Wikipedia page hits history


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oh snap

thanks a million. (as usual) :)