getting azul to work on pi

running pi 3 with version 1851

i can use runtime arduino.serial with both the uno and the mega and run the runtime servo to move various parts.

when I run a simple python script the uno works correctly but the mega moves the servos to extreem positions (head and left arm) and i have to power down.  I posted my script, under harland, name small test

i cannot figure out why this is happening.  I changed the script to create and then start.  I think this is what Gael suggested yesterday, but i may have it wrong. Also i see in Gael's code he uses velocity commands, what is the range and does it work?


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this morning moved to ver 1852 and ver 50 of the arduino codes for the PI3

can still control mega and uno using runtime serial and servo

but things are much worse,  now even the UNO board moves to extreem positions and broke my right arm

did not even make it to the part of the script for running the mega board

did anyone have time to look at my script to see if it is wrong?

changing software is a lot easier than rebuilding an arm


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post your code or run your

post your code or run your script (without powering the servo) then send a no worky. I will look at it

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in the first message i said i

in the first message i said i posted my code, are you kidding me. Even my 2nd message i ask if anyone looked at it. Now i see "post your code." where did you want it posted? When i put the arm back on i will fire up azul again. Did you read what i wrote?

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Hi Harland, We are still "in

Hi Harland,

We are still "in process" of figuring out all the details of servo control.  Calamity made some very good improvements, but its yet to be seen how backwards compatible everything is.

I can try our your script with a "real" uno or a virtual Mega - unfortunately, 3 mega's of mine have died different deaths in the last week (very tragic)