Get ready for walking!!!

Hello again to all, I belive that most of users are waiting for leggs.
I'm working on legs about 4-5 months, and the project is in 85% done.
Here it is what I'm done:

For foots I am using tensometers, for leggs screwdriver motors.

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Very Nice!

Very Nice!

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Looking good

Those are looking good

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hello bartcam your work is

hello bartcam your work is nice i am sur many people are interested by print the same it is possible you download files on thingiverse??

thank you

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wahooo, congrats wonderfull

wahooo, congrats wonderfull job

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It's not completed

I need atleast two months to end the first working version. Then I share it to thingiverse, but  i don't do any instruction of it :/ .

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hey guy you need many

hey guy you need many filement lol 

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the design is nice i think

the design is nice i think thigh is nice with motors but the ankle with servo i think not enought strong but nice work

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ankle motor


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Great work ! seems to look

Great work ! seems to look like original Gael design 


Different approach, different design :D



Work in progress too, use cycloidal drive from my design.


Need some aesthetic improvement


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I think the cycloidal drive will be better than motorscrew...

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Well done. Very elegant design.

Nice!  I'd be interested to know what software you're using.  Did you scan human legs to start with? 

There will be much kudos to the first person who can get their inmoov walking without falling over and without other support on legs that look human.

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I use...

I use Cinema 4D, this is not scan of me. I paint it from foto of me standing :D .
The ankle will be driven by srewdriver motor too, or servo with gears and trapezoidal screw.
I think Gaels design is much nice to project but I have done with what I got.

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RE: Nice Leggs

Hi. Anyway possable jou will give me the stls for the leggs please. I do not want my robot to walk. I just want to print the leggs . Put some plastic conections , and let it sit on a chair to intertain children please. 

I will make no changes what so ever. Duly purpose of entertain children.

Thank you Adolph


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Just need this nothing more

Just need this nothing more please. If you so kind  my email is :


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In few days I will share it on thingiverse. I'm on the short vacation now, and I have all on my home computer. The STL-s are not fully ready for good printing, but I belive that You can make it print.

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Thank you

Thank you

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as I promised

This is not final version, as I promised I share it with myrobotlab users. This is not mechanical parts, only housing. Few things will be updated laterThe entire pelvis is changed with the fixation of the pelvis. Let the force (FOR PRINT IT!) be with You ;D

mount for tensometers

Mount of the leg

.... few days past...

SUPRISE!! It's Working!!!

Mechanism it's fast and very strong, all axes are working (turn of the leg are not on the film but realy work)
Now time for the left side....

Atlast!!! (with little help)

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Impressive ! Congratulations

Impressive !

Congratulations ! 


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7A DIY servo driver

Ok, I almoust done 7A DIY Servo Driver for screwdriver motors.
It is cheap and fully programable, it has many protections. I need to do small modyfications to share it.
Cost of driver is about few bucks (4-6$).
Thank to very short connections there is no interferences on power lines.
Lower is the film from tests, not quite good but it is only need program corrections.

OK, the TLE6209 is the big lie! Real power of this UC is only 3.5A. Infineon write 7A but this 7A is sum of power high and low transistor. Project is ended!

New project started REAL 49A Servo Driver!



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Knee Test

Knee test using the myrobotlab DIY servo service

More to come...

This was a tricky video to shoot.

One hand on the camera, one hand on the mouse operating the DIY servo gui, one eye on the kill switch (just in case) :)

A tripod is on the shopping list :)

Thanks Bart for sharing your design 

Thanks Mats/Grog/Kwatters for the DIY servo guidance 


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podstawa_dol split in two

For those that have a 200mmx200mm print bed and are looking to print the upper leg piece podstawa-dol (bottom base), the part has been split in two

Dovetail joints have been added

Just testing now before uploading to Thingiverse


Testing complete

Split part (podstawa_dol) now on Thingiverse