Gearboxs for Arms

This is my first post on MRL so I will properly screw something up,,,

This is about 20th rebuild of the Gearbox’s,, I’m pretty well Fished it (I think),,, the Adjustable Pot holder System has gone through many changes and I think I’ve found I good medium between room for Wires and ease of use – I have taking it back to a Single Stage with -/+ 45Degs of Adjustment-  the design can be easily Modded to suit Different Potentiometers,, running the final test prints now,,,,at the moment CAD Files give a clear view on the Design,,,


PS- Theres some basic pics on the Inmoov Site if non show up on this Post,,,

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Hi I am currently printing

Hi I am currently printing the right shoulder for my InMoov and now consider to take your design. What material did you use, what benefit your design has over the original one from Gael and how much are the additional costs for bearings? I'd like to hear some more Information, but on the first look it looks really clean, good job!

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Almost finished printing my first set of shoulders, but...

I wish this would have come out a couple weeks ago, but I am sure I will end up needing to rebuild shoulders soon enough. I am looking forward to adding bearings to many of the joints of my next round of robot building!

Keep up the good work!

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Ahoy and Welcome Mindless

Ahoy and Welcome Mindless !

This is my first post on MRL so I will properly screw something up,,, 

If your not "screwing something up" then your not learning !

So now on to the learning ;)
This is how to post pictures on myrobotlab - not exactly drag & drop, but not to bad once you get the hang of it.

Also, great post !

I too am curious about the pros, cons, cost and additional details you might enlighten us with. Cheers !

ps I updated some of the pics in your post to be embedded...

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So Far,,,, So Good,,,

First I would like to Thank “Han’s” aka- “Crazyhorse” for starting the Bearing project- he tracked down the Crown Gear Bearings and done the first Mod work on this side Project- and of Course Mr Gael -

Mr Gael done a fantastic job at creating the Gearbox’s,,, think of me as part of the Clean-up and Refining Crew,, Basial all  STL Files where imported into SketchUp which pretty well destroys them so they  had to be Rebuilt,,,, now i can Mod them into anything i want and continue working on Inmoov,,,

The benefit of this design is the Bearings and "Very Clean Fitting Pieces” and it Bolt and Screw together,,, The Pot Holders are Desiign with Geared electric Moters incorperated into for the drive system ,,, the overall design has not changed it was mainly done so I could continue Tinkering & Tweaking Inmoov design,,,  I’ve done a couple of years of R&D work on Filament Flow Rates  so “Joints“ where a big part of that work and Mr Gaels Inmoov Project was the only project I thought worthy of spending this amount of time and Resources on,,,

it’s about $40 Aussie Dollars for all the bearing per Arm which is pretty good,,,, (About $35us ),,,  i got the x4 Large ones for $20us (ebay) and the small one are about $5 of dollars for set of  x10- ( slow boat from China ) postage is free,, Crazyhorse might still have some of the “Large Crown Gear” bearing which I use,,,  (but I use a smaller Wormgear Bearing )


More to Come,,,,

PS. –

                   ” If you’re not "screwing something up" then you’re not learning ! “


Lmao GorG,,,, my father used to say that to me all the time,, I haven’t heard anyone say it in 30 Years,,,,,

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Hello, I really love your work but unfurtunatelly u did it for those motors and not to hs805 so I guess a lot of people like me can't use them without further tweak! Am I correct?

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All will be Good,,,

Lol,,, I can mod it to suit it “Any” servo Quicker than it take me to Type this,,,

I have hundreds of Files,,, just give me detail measurements at consider it done ,, I have HS805 Servo Version Somewhere – the difference is only a mm here and mm there – the mounting holes on the Servo are large enough to take these small offsets – but I do like perfect fitting parts so the there will be serval Version released for all the common Servos and Geared Nema 14 /17 Motors and Blank adapter plates to drill -out custom mounting holes,,,

So all will be Good,,,

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Manny thanks

You can't imagine how happy that makes me! I have been following your work for months and I still have my left arm to build, so I would love to do it using your style. I use hs805 in all inmoov, and for the left arm also will use (even got them already ready) and I think most ppl use them since savox are very expensive.

Also you are using the Bart version right the one with fillets!! ? That's awesome since is also an improvement I would want to use!!


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No worries,,,

Hay Pedro,,,,  the Savox are bloody expensive,,, that’s why Ii will add different versions so it will make it easy for people to make the Arms with servo’s they have --

I haven’t use any of Barts parts yet I think,,,, I though he has only built a really cool version of the legs – I haven’t seen any Arm Mods from him ( if he has please post a link) – I used  alansrobotlab tough  Shoulder Mod idea ( And still using a Patched up and Modded  Version of his Piv Connector )

I still have to put a list together of all people of that I have ripped off Parts & Ideas of Modded them to suit my needs,,,

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you were right

The i confunded the mods, is the alan one i was talking! Which is the same i used already on my right arm and would love to keep while using the bearings!!

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The mod I done to Alans Piv connecter was very very  small – but the Motor cover plates have been modded – I will be keeping Alan’s Piv Connector design  he done a great job on it,,,