Future Fun Experiments

I found this on the internet (through Tingyverse) ... and thought it is just begging to be assimilated into MRL.

It comes from the BiPed project site.  Great site ! - very clear and simple instructions - even animations on how to assemble.  

Some of the configurations could include :

  • RasPi with USB Microphone - then it can run Sphinx and take voice commands
  • Alternatively RasPi but use microphone on different computer (distributed MRL solution)
  • Just Arduino onboard with BlueTooth - MRL Running on other computer and broadcasting commands to the little biped (hooks with all MRL services .. Speech, Sphinx, etc..) - Overhead camera with OpenCV - Dumb Robots Smarter design
  • IPCamera
  • RasPi with webcam
  • Build two and coordinate swarm ! 
  • Gait evolution with Genetic Programming experiments

Oye - this would be fun .. MUST FINISH PRUSA !!!

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kmcgerald's picture

Should be an easy print. 6

Should be an easy print. 6 servos per leg!  I like how he stuffed the batteries in the feet to lower the center of gravity and make use of the need for big feet for balance.

It would be really cool to have this thing walking around my house autonomously but have it also take voice commands when you want to interact more.

Another fun add on would be to put wireless charging in his feet so he just has to walk onto a charging platform.  The SLAMBad stuff would allow him to know how to get back to the platform.

GroG's picture

6 Servos

Wow.. I didn't notice before ...  
Seems a bit overkill - especially at the backwards knee joint ..  

hmmm  I bet he got inspired with a bird like the ostrich

Where the knees (really the ankles) bend backwards .. so he put a servo at each joint hip, knee, ankle & toe - then 2 lateral ones at the hip and (foot/toe)

I think you could drop a servo, make the bones longer and get all the positions he can currently get out of it...  would be fun to try...