Hello. While this is not a major galring problem, while I was running the example code sayThings.py I would get an error with the freetts. Is it a dependency problem on my part? It says there is no kevin16 nor any other voices. I am running windows 7 with the 1.0.53 release. I sent a no worky in, if there is anything I can do to help?


8 years 1 month ago

Looked at it for you with my minimal knowhow, and it seems that the voices are not there. 

If you go to your myrobotlab directory, then to libraries, then to jar there is the FreeTTS jar, but if you go to command line, go to above directory of the jars and then type:

java -jar freetts.jar -voice kevin16 -text Hello World it states

Invalid voice:kevin16

   Valid voices are


and then nothing, wich suggests that there are no voices in the jar.

mebbe Grog can put them back in.


8 years 1 month ago

OK thanks.