Fred's progress

Monday March 13 2018:

 I have nearly completed Fred's torso. All of the mechanical parts have been fitted and assembled. His servo sensor pots have been fitted and have extended wires to mate to the servos. Auxilary motors are prepped, tested and wired. They are ready to add to the servos. I have the servos in house and can modify them as soon as I get enough time to work on them. 

  The mountin component will need a new pole. Said pole will need to be a tiny bit smaller tha 1.25 inch diameter which in my part of the world gives me three options I can design and print an adapter, I can expand the current adapter just a tiny bit (I may have an auger for that), or I can reduce the diameter of the end of the pole. Of these, using a pvc pipe and reducing it with a belt sander seems the easiest, and likely the most desireable. I can do these in the "dirty" work shop when it is warmer (soon).

  I will also need a new dolly to attach the pipe to. I have all the parts but again out in the shed it is cold now. That dolly will need some design consideration for going through doors and possibly being modified later for a driveable version. 

  I have started printing leg parts. If the weather stays cold enough long enough I should have enough parts do determine the correct length for the support pole. Other projects have of course delayed production.

  Printing with abs has improved considerably since I installed the enclosure over the printer to keep the air temperature higher and more stable. 

  Fred's neo pixel ring is in house and has been fit checked but not yet tested electicaly.

I will try to add some pictures: