Fred is assembled.




So Fred-X is now fully assembled. Sort of.

His back fits poorly. It broke in a fewplaces while I was applying a wee bit too much pressue to align it. Right now it is one the bench getting pasted back together with acetone. He has one battery installed and the other connected via drop cable on his dolly/deck. I put a hole through the Sched 40 PVC pipe on which he sits so that I  can pass wiring down the pole. He has a screen door strut with turnbuckle in back to keeep him steady for and aft. He is going to have to rely on his legs for left and right.

  His middle parts work That is why he seems to be listing to starbord.

  Just wanted to share.


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GroG's picture

Hi MikeG, I think you were

Hi MikeG,
I think you were trying to post a movie.
If you upload to youtube I can assist in embedding the video.
Looking forward to seeing what you have done.