Found 0 Serial Ports

I can't connect to an Arduino from MRL. I can program fine from the Arduino IDE (tried both a UNO and a Mega), and they show up in Device Manager. I downloaded MRLComm without any errors. I checked - there are no zombie java platforms running. I rebooted and started over - still no luck. I'm running the MRL version I downloaded from I tried running newer versions of MRL but the audio won't play in them.

I'm running Windows 10 (64 bit). 

When I run Arduino in the runtime window I get "found 0 serial ports" with a status of "uno COM7". But, my UNO is on COM3. I tried to use device manager to move from COM3 to COM7, but that didn't work either because it said COM7 was in use (even after I shut down MRL).

I'm out of ideas - what should I try next?


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Hello Dak and Welcome. When

Hello Dak and Welcome.

When you type java -version .. does 64 bit get returned ? 

If not - your running a 32 bit JVM on a 64 bit OS .. and thats going to make things NoWorky :P

un-install the 32 bit jvm and install 64 bit  - (search the web on how to do this - there are a bajillion tutorials)

If thats not it then send us a NoWorky ....    ..   OH WAIT !!!!      107 GAH !!!

get the latest - 

- what do you mean audio won't play ?


Short & Best Answer - make a fresh install with the latest - if it any part does not work - let us know and we'll help.


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Wrong Java was the Serial Port issue

That was problem with the COM port - thanks! For some reason I had two versions of Java and two versions of the Java SE dev kit 8. 

The "audio won't work" issue ocurred when I tried MRL 1.0.119 and 1.0.113. In both cases I got a few .mp3 files in  "audioFile/google/en_gb/audrey" after installing the INMoov service (and dependencies). When trying to run I could see in the console window that my voice commands were being recognized, but could not hear any responses. I tried to play these .mp3 files in several different apps (like Windows Media Player) and they all generated error messages. I also noticed 1.0.119 won't go away when you click the 'X' to close it - it has to be killed in task manager.


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There is a HUGE difference

There is a HUGE difference between 119 and the latest ->

One of the many differences is much better speech recognition (with WebKitSpeechRecognition) and Audio we know works...

Your script may not work with it, because I'm guessing that is very old too ..

I would recommend using the new version of mrl and the newer version of the InMoov script ..

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Will Try Newer Version

Thanks - I'll give the newer MRL and InMoov script a try. In the future how do I find the most current version? 1.0.119 is the newest I could find on  (I've written a lot of code but have virtually no experience with git, etc.).


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Top left ... right above the

Top left ... right above the shout box

"latest build" - is always the "latest build"



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Got It

Thanks! I got confused because on the download page it says "latest release" right next to 1.0.119, so I assumed 1.0.119 was the latest (and I worried a bit because 119 is a year old - I thought interest might have waned - clearly that isn't true based on all the helpful responses you've given!).