Force feedback BLDC actuator



I added force feedback feature to my BLDC actuator.

For this first test, I use a 20kg load cell and HX11 amplifier connected to my arduino pro mini.

As you can see on the video, when I press the sensor, I am able to impose the angular position I want.

The behavior of the actuator is similar to a spring. next step is to try to simulate shock absorber (damper ?)

and design a torque sensor directly mounted on output shaft.

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Hacking the sensor

Great to see you have implemented the strain gauges ...

Here is a quick mod that can be done to speed it up to 80Hz.

Lift pin 15 off the circuit board and hotwire a jumper from the VCC line.

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Hi Gareth, thanks for the

Hi Gareth, thanks for the tip, I’ve already done this mod to speed up the HX711 :).

this chip is pretty cool and make load cell accessible.

I don’t understand why I didn’t use it before!