fixing One of the microscopid GUIs

On thing about MRL that has made it difficult for me to use is the amazingly small size of the GUIs and the print therein. I have foun a partial solution. This has improved the size and print of the web GUI as opened by "Start_InMoov". 

 The fix is to change the display size settings of the Chrome Browser.  it does not work if you click on the

1) select settings by clicking on the vertical dots displayed at the right end of the chrome browser page. Scan down to settings and click. This will open the settings page. Another way to do this is to increse or decreas the zoom size in settins panel. This however does not offer the option of changing the font size.

2)  scan down to the display size and change it to +150 this will increase the size of the window, but not the font size. 

3) Change the font size ti either large or extra large to make the tabs fonts easier to read.

  I have not found a save settings button so it may be necessary to perform this at least once everytime you start chrome.

  On another note I have spentsome time researching my other issues like the port selection. It seems that port 3 and port 4 are coded into the configuration files which on my system are found in c:/mrl/inmoov/config. I have opened these files with notepad.

  "Service 6 Arduino" contains lines which set the serial ports to 3 and 4. I changed these numbers to my current active ports of 9 and 10 and saved the file last night, but this morning on reopening the files they were 3 and 4 again. The properties of this file indicate that I have permision to make changes so I am confused as to why the file reverted after I did save it unless for some reason notepad is lying about its ability to save them.

  I have checked other changes I made to other config filesan they are stable so it is confusing unless it is an operator headspace malfunction (totally possible). 

  So the first time I started _"Start_Imoov" not only did I hear chatter from the speakers representing speach from the Bot, but it recognized my voice. Since then those two thingshave not happened I think I am not reaching the Chrome/Google voice app. Dunno what I am goingto do about that at teh moment, but I suppose I need to trouble shoot it unless someone pops up and tells me how that is now not working and how to fix it. 

 Ok, off to more robot work and a few other tasks.....

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I'm glad you have some

I'm glad you have some progress.  In regards to the tabs, yes - there are a bajillion in the script you are using, because the script starts a bajillion services.  The webgui is a little better at handling services presentation.  It has a "hide all / show all" buttons (icons with cross over eye & eye)


When you say "save" .. I'm not sure what your referring to.  

The InMoov bat file uses a config file to initialize it - I'm betting the port numbers are in there, again moz4r is the primary creator of the bat & big inmoov script.

I was hoping you'd get confortable and understand InMoovHand before moving on ... 


It's would help you if you spent some time using, understanding, and modifying InMoovHand python script.  Within the script you can set parameters, max min servo limits, ports and many other values.  With small tweaks you will begin getting comfortable with cause --> effect and a lot more will become clear.