First attempt at a major amount of soldering

Well, I was a bit intimidated on soldering Junior's mouth. I have been putting it off but it was time to give it a try. I used these little boards that fit perfectly in his mouth. I tried soldering across a whole row, that went terribly, the rest went only marginally better. I had a bit of a successful response when I tested it initially, but now nothing... so now I am pouting and going to watch Chappie for a little inspiration. Hmmm, can't seem to paste the link to the YouTube video... Guess my luck still hasn't changed...

Persistence is worth while

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Well it took a bit to get all of the connections correct. Then on assemble I figured out the spot I expected to let Junior's mouth display lights didn't match up... So there is a temporary solution for the moment.  I will have to reprint his nose piece to really make it work nicely.


My goal was make Junior sing me Happy Birthday... on my Birthday... this year...



Junior sings me Happy Birthday!



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Great, that's awesome And

Great, that's awesome

And happy Birthday!