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Firing up!

OK Grog, lets do this! ; )

You sayeth and it is so

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when i fired up left arm it

when i fired up left arm it broke the bicep shaft with no warning or time to stop it. maybe my pot in in wrong or backwords or just limits set bad?

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repaired shaft, reinstalled,

repaired shaft, reinstalled, restarted MRL, face came up fine, reset jaw limits again, restarted left arm, bicep spun and spun never stoping until timeout. I did not reinsert shaft in base so it spun in air

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note to self: leftArm =

note to self:

GroGstep 3 - (with hand on power cord) press the execute button in Python

GroGstep 2 - copy and paste script to Python tab

GroGstep 1 start fresh mrl


leftArm = i01.startLeftArm("COM6")



all this you can do with just 2 services .. in fact you can detach from the jaw and re-attach to a different pin (perhaps that troublesome bicep)
wkinneso i can do that with any pin any servo?
GroGnow you can move the little slider thing to where you thing it is a good value, you can move it slowly and see where the min and max should be .. you can tell also if it needs to be inverted
GroGset the controller to be the arduino and the pin make it the (jaw) pin then press attach ... BEHOLD YOU HAVE MANUAL CONTROL OF THE JAW
GroGgo to its tab (notice its not a bajillion tabs - and you can actually find it)
GroGcreate a single servo .. call it something imaginative like "servo"
GroGnow you have control of the Arduino (no other distractions) ... life is good
GroGstart mrl & start an Arduino (just right click and call it arduino) - connect it to port COM6

#file : InMoov2.Tracking.min.py

i01 = Runtime.createAndStart("i01", "InMoov")
tracker = i01.startHeadTracking(headPort)










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Ya I need to do a how to take

Ya I need to do a how to take control of any Servo video ... its a good diagnostic technique .. can save many magic blue smoke from disappearing ...

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more voics


This i01.mouth.setGoogleURI("http://thehackettfamily.org/Voice_api/api2.php?voice=Ryan&txt=")has to be put right under i01.startMouth()

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finger sensors

right hand on right arduino (com5 for me) - left hand on left arduino(com6 for me)

"Analog In" pins 2 through 6

thumb pin 2

index pin 3

majeure pin 4

ringfinger pin 5

pinky pin 6