finger starter with my robotlab not mooving

hello ...i followed all the instructions in the tutorials ( on how to flash mrl on the arduinomega board ...

also i followed these instruction 

- FingerStarter case :

Open config file InMoov\config\_InMoov.config

Change ScriptType=Virtual to ScriptType=RightSide . This will tell the software it is not virtual anymore, and use the "right" arduino.

You need to specify now what is the COM port of arduino to use . 

Open service_6_Arduino.config

You will see : MyRightPort=COM4 . Just change COM4 by your COM port number.

Because you need only one finger and don't want every unused InMoov skeleton part ( torso , arm ... ) you need to activate the right hand

Open config file InMoov\config\skeleton_rightHand.config and change isRightHandActivated=False by isRightHandActivated=True

and installed the fingerstarterpy (i tried multiple fingerstarterpys) in the pyton section of mrl then clik on execute

gave a command like close your finger

inmoove answers :closing my finger

and most of the time it answers all kinds of answers not related to the comand

but nothing moves

i am doing someting wrong

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Ahoy Martoys !I think moz4r

Ahoy Martoys !

I think moz4r might be able to help you.

If you send a noWorky I'll look at your log file for problems.

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hello again ,,,thank you very much for your great work and support....

i will keep in mind the (noworky ) trick

but it seems like i have succeded in making the simple fingerstarter work with myrobotlab voice comand

woohhooo...i think i was just forgeting to say the initialising sentence : attach your finger

after the comand close your finger and open your finger and finger to the middle worked 

i did not try the other commands yet ......

and i will try the py for the finger sensor to 

after i will try the hole forearm wrist and hand ...waiting to be activated