Finger sensors

This will be released after Manticore, because a dedicated service need to be created.

This is just a poc, to talk about what we put inside this service, later.

Thank you @Ash for the fingerstarter !!



explainations of the poc

The sensor need to be calibrated, foam is unstable, but with calibration it seem worky great.


The servo force can be regulated with the help of the sensor :

ear.addCommand("take the egg", "python", "CloseWithTorque(10)"

ear.addCommand("take the beer", "python", "CloseWithTorque(90)")

def CloseWithTorque(percent):


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GroG's picture

Take Beer ! That's great

Take Beer !

That's great moz4r - you've covered a great amount of development.  

Parameters of torque input for actuators would be an excellent addition. 

Self calibration is a great feature too.  I think your development probably warrants creating of 3 or 4 new services.  We should probably get the gang together and try to model the interfaces - so they can be defined and "attach"'ed easily and robustly to other services.


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We are neer the goal

We are neer the goal :)

Dl4j/opencv track the beer
Integrated movement put the hand in front off it
The hand take it.
And legs bring it to us !!

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Ya and what a cost savings !

Ya and what a cost savings !  

It takes $400,000 for 2 armed PR2 + ROS and a University !

WOOHOO !  "Igor, fetch me a beer"