Festo Tentacles

I want at least 7 more !

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This on has some sort of

This on has some sort of expansion sleeve covering it, a litte more advanced than what I've been looking at.  I'll have to find it on the web, but you can 3d print the 2 moulds to make this.  It's pneumatically driven silicone balloons basically.  It's not too complex, silicone and wax, you pour it.  The first mould is a wax mould that gets inserted into the secondary mold for silicone.  When it's dry, you melt the wax out and you have 3 internal um, balloons, that operate via air.  Would take some digital proportional air valves to drive it, and an air compressor of course.  Blew my mind when I seen one in motion as well.  I don't know why I want it, but I do!