Features of my advanced head and sneak peeks

Hey everybody, I figured i would make an official post for progress on the advanced head as well as provide the list of features that are currently in the works.  Spawn is my official tester and, with my permission, might release videos of parts of the advanced head.  The head, at the moment, will be controlled with 28 servos 

Current features in the works:

  • Eye mechanism -   Both eyes should be able to rotate left/right  35 degrees and up/down 25 degrees. There will be 4 eyelids EACH of which can be controlled independently to allow for blinking, winking, squinting, etc.
  • Eyebrow mechanism-  simple eyebrow pieces that will both rotate and translate similar to a human eyebrow. Each eyebrow can be controlled independently.
  • Mouth mechanism-  the mouth mech will run exactly like the one in this video  (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ke2lJfY4haM)  , with the lip pieces made out of ninjaflex and screwed together.  The jaw will be able to move forward and backward as well. While the video has its own forward/backward movement setup for the jaw, I am custom designing one that will fit inmoov's head.  A realistic lip cover will be provided to hide the controlled lip pieces and to make inmoov's lips look more realistic.  I will also provide ninjaflex covers that go from the jaw/mouth down to the neck mechanism to cover up all the internals of the head.
  • Speaker-  A single speaker will be used in this mod. Due to no space in the mouth or directly near the mouth, the speaker will be placed near the top of the skull and the sound will be funneled down directly into the mouth mechanism. A specific speaker product line, which is reasonably priced and of great quality, will  be used. Links to this speaker line will be provided upon final release. 
  • Teeth and tongue-   The mouth mechanism includes a full set of teeth. Each tooth is screwed in, allowing for easy customization to your inmoov's teeth.   A FULLY animatronic tongue designed by myself will allow inmoov to stick his tongue out, move it left and right, and curl it.  Covers may be provided for the inside of the mouth to create the appearance that inmoov has cheeks inside his mouth
  • Neck mechanism-    I will not be creating a new neck mechanism, however, I am making the head able to be used with both the Drupp neck (available on thingiverse :  https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:2059967)  and Gael's new neck. 
  • Head-turning mechanism-    A redesign may be in the works for building a belt driven head turning mechanism including a large bearing to make head turning very smooth.
  • Ears-    The ears are being remodeled into two pieces. The first piece is the skull piece which will likely twist in like the original ear pieces (though a different method might be chosen before release). This skull piece will now be flush with the skull and will follow the curves of the head.  The ear itself will be a separate piece that can be printed in ninjaflex to make it bendable like the human ear and can be screwed into the previously mentioned skull piece. The ear canals of these pieces will allow for a single microphone or a microphone array to be inserted. This might allow us to ditch the use of headsets to talk with inmoov. Also I am hoping the mrl community will be able to help me implement a sound localization service to allow for inmoov to find the source of a sound.  
  • Nose -   Nothing is being done in regards to nose movements at this time as they are minuscule and not very necessary for full emotions.  HOWEVER, I am thinking about creating a smelling mechanism. Essentially this would just be a bunch of odor sensors currently available on the market. There could be a possibility that combining the results of these sensors, we could get a limited "smell" identifier created. Though until the technology advances further, it will be quite limited. It can be useful for identifying gas leaks and what not. 

For the most part, I am keeping my designs and assembly instructions secret until release. This mod will be available on thingiverse once finished.

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So now i am a video producer

So now i am a video producer as well ? lol

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Hello everybody. Spawn and I have been hard at work debugging the mechanical issues of the eye mechanism and, with a helpful suggestion from spawn, I managed to improve the design of the servo holder for the mechanism as well as the mechanism as a whole.

This change involved adding another servo to the mechanism, making the projected total servos for the advanced head now 29.  This extra servo was used to make each eye have its own left/right servo.  What this did for us was improve the range of the eyes, removed some known mechanical problems we were dealing with, and now adds the functionality to both intentionally give inmoov crossed eyes (for whatever purpose you feel like crossed eyes are needed for, lol) and allows inmoov's eye cams to focus in on a specific point (as shown in the diagram  linked  below).  If  we are able to make a vr headset/setup where we  can track our eye movement, my eye mech will make vr use of inmoov's eyes significantly better!  The left/right range of the eyes will  be 35 degrees to each outer corner of the eye and 30 degrees to the inner corners of the eye.  Up/down range will be somewhere around 20-25 degrees up and down.

While i am working on the many other mechs involved in the advanced head at the moment, Spawn has done extensive assembly and testing of the eye mech for me and, while i have stated that we should have a video for all of you really soon, I am certain that within the next day or two, we will be able to post the first-look video of the eye mechanism for all of you to see !   Keep an eye on my conversations with spawn in the shoutbox as well as this blog for new details and sneak peeks!  


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Eye mech first pic

Hey everybody. While Spawn and I (but mostly spawn at the moment XD) are wading through the python scripting for the servos  to make a video of the eye mech soon,  I have a funny, but interesting screenshot of the mech from a short video spawn sent me in testing!


Just a note, the lower skull will be one piece instead of the two pieces like the picture shows as that was an older version of the head.

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Hello everyone.  I am very happy to announce that the eye mechanism for the advanced head has been finished!!!!!   

Spawn and I had some last minute changes to make, such as moving the eye inward 1mm, which improved the range of the eye balls (around 15 degrees at the servo horn) and centered them better inside the eyelids. The center of the eyeballs can move much closer to the outer corners of the eyes now.   

Since each eyeball can move left/right independently, you could used a "wide-eyed" eye position with dual  Raspberry pi  v2.1,   8 MP cameras in the eyes to provide a much larger visual range, for say security purposes,  without turning the head.   Also,  since the sightline of human eyes cross when focusing on objects, this independent eye movement could help make vr use of inmoov's eyes more comfortable for our visual processing. 

I am also thinking about creating a custom vr headset that includes eye-tracking hardware  so that we can control inmoov's eyes with our eyes.  This concept wont be developed until after the advanced head has been released.   

In any case,  I am pleased to provide everyone with the very first sneak-peek video of the progress of the advanced head (in this case the eye mechanism)!!!!!!!





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Twitch on Right eye..

That little twitch you see a few times is the .rest command fu... things up, it dosent always behave like it should, lol