I thought this was amusing.  A bit overkill, but fun.  Reminds me a little of 1972 Silent Running and/or Matrix copper-top colony 

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This is fantastic for the future

Today we have a farming that is far from optimal. Farmers belive it to be optimal to grow one type of plant at the time. But when they do that, it requires a lot of pestecides. I strongly belive that many plants can grow together in symbiosis and protect and help each other so that much less fertilization and pesticides are necessary. This type of technology could be an enabler to much better farming. If you look at nature it's very rare that you have only one kind of plant or animal in a place. In most unfarmed areas you have a variety of plants and animals working together in a way that all species benefit from. I hope that humans in the future will be better on inderstanding the complex structures that exists in nature, and that this knowldge will be beneficial to both humans and other species. In a way it's almost forgotten that humans also are part of nature and that we simply can't exist withtout it. 


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Nice Music..

That looks pretty darn awesome..  I also like the snazzy music in the video...

Is this a kickstarter or something?  Feels like something that would be fun to borg in  (now all I need is some land to start growing stuff :)  )