face tracking

Guys could someone help me to make facetracking work?

i have everything working camera, opencv and servos, but im not beeing able to run a script to start it!! 


I have tried the gael script but keep asking for more arguments this is the code

   ###to tweak the default PID values

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What version Pedro? Did you

What version Pedro? Did you send a noWorky?

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Hi PedrostartEyesTracking

Hi Pedro

startEyesTracking uses 3 parameters:

port = the port for the head arduion

xPin = the pin for the servo for x eye movement ( sideways )

yPin = the pin for the servo for y eye movement ( up / down )


startHeadTracking use 1 parameter:

port = the port for the arduino




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Thank you Mats!!! i will try

Thank you Mats!!! i will try that way :) for some reason Gale script dont have the 3 !!

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face tracking working

So the 3 args wrok perfectly and everything is working,

now just have some issues.

1. Anyone know a command to atach eyes?

i01.head.eyex.attach() seems to dont work

2. the head is not very responsive! should i remove D or increase P? its my first time

3. Since head is slow to response the eyes are gooing first and he tracks more with the eyes then with the head, which seems a bit unnatural! maybe decrease P in eyes?


Thanks :)