Exemple python scripts

Just a little post to say there is an empty script in the list .

It's the script " Face tracking " under " vision " submenu

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Ya - a bug - but if you use

Ya - a bug - but if you use the new buggy webgui - you get ALL the scripts checked into the repo !
(Sometimes it doesn't always load and you have to hit F5 - but "when" it loads it gives you ALL of them)

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In the new webgui in python

In the new webgui in python tab, i have nothing . No exemple, just the 4 buttons run,save,exemple, and load . uder that, there is the window "untitled.py" . Ah , there is also the button " release " . But all these buttons don't work ...

I've tryed with google chrome and mozilla firefox under win7 32bits

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Ya .. still buggy ..

Ya .. still buggy .. sorry..

Did you try F5 (refresh) ?  And then press button ?

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Yes i tried F5 many times and

Yes i tried F5 many times and i've also updated java to the last version .

Don't be sorry ! You already made an incredible work !yes

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Thanks !...Since the WebGUI

Thanks !...

Since the WebGUI has just been born it will have many bugs ...  But it will become much more stronger than the old gui .. I've put in a bunch more fixes and I'll keep testing that (it's a tough one, because sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn't - asynchronous problem)

Oh.. but if you want to check out the scripts - 

here is the link into the repo .. you can browse them yourself


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Thx for the link ! The

Thx for the link !

The scripts are a good way to learn yes