Dynamic Gui Generated based on Meta-Data

These buttons were dynamically created from meta data in the WorkE robot service.  More complex services usually contain meta data describing peers.  Meta data is just a plan or design on what services a robot knows how to create and attach to.  The buttons are like an instruction manual.

Even though it looks rather awkward, its potentially very useful, because with the new "Embrace the Pub/Sub" design - it allows fine control over which services are started and which are not active.  

When a service is started, the robot will "discover the new service", and attach to it using the appropriate pub/sub methods.  When a service is released, the robot will detach from it.  Additionally, when a service is inactive, you can edit it - change its name or type.  This means you can substitute different services/blocks and exchange a "yellow" hand for a "red" one, or an Arduino servo controller for an AdaFruit one.

Perhaps Astro can help me make the UI look better :)

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It will be a pleasure to play

It will be a pleasure to play with your smart Legos :)