I am creating a service for our "EduBOT" project within myrobotlab using the necessary services. And use the mrl to teach robotics and programming classes in Engineering at UFRGS-BR. We are developing the service so far.
Do not want to use the interface "gui" for the moment. When I run the Runtime class does not want to start "gui" tab ... What would be the easiest way to do this? 
I tried to go into Debug Configurations: -service gui GUIService -logToConsole, myrobotlab.bat and GUIService class. But not resolved! 
Is this the way to do this? 


7 years 11 months ago

Hello Carlos
Great project !

You are trying to start MRL through Eclipse ?

These are my configurations :

The -Djava.library.path is for native code - Arduino & OpenNI will need that too.

Hello Greg, thanks for the feedback.
Do not want to start Interface "gui" when I run the runtime. 
I am using Debug Configurations: -service gui GUIService -logToConsole 
When I retreat "gui GUIService" Framework does not run. 
eg: -service python Python -logToConsole // this does not work! 
How to Start Framework without the "gui" tab? I can do this? 
Or always accurate boot "gui"!

You can start or not start any service you want.

But if you want a GUI to show, you will need to start the GUIService.  

I think I'm beginning to understand what you want.  
Here are some basic concepts of MRL which should make it easier to understand:

  • MRL is a framework - the only "required" service to run in that framework is Runtime.  This service manages the creation and removal of all other services.
  • Python is another service, and it does not have a gui
  • There are 2 gui's and more to come in the future.  The 2 gui's are GUIService & WebGUI.  They are "views" into the running services..  To show all the services - they show themselves as well.  That is why you see a "gui" tab when you run a GUIService.

I think what you want to do is just hide the gui tab.

I think he actually wants to start runtime and some other services (one of which he is creating for his  specific robot project) but he doesn't want GUIService or WebGUI.  I'm guessing he's putting it on a robot with no display.

if thats the case then the parameters would be

-service edubot EduBOT

its always Runtime will always be the first service started regardless of what is specified.
its always -service <instance name> <Service Type>

e.g. for 3 edubots and once Python service to control them all 

-service edubot01 EduBOT edubot02 EduBOT edubot03 EduBOT python Python

That's right, I need to start Edubot Service, without the "gui" tab. Because I'm not use to the students, this service. I'm understand the "gui" service gradually. 
So I want to hide this when I run the service Runtime.java class. And use up only the sevices that matter to class. 
I will continue working on this service, when you've been developed better show. 
Thanks for the help and for trying to decipher my English lol. I'm improving slowly!