DIY GoPro Remote using Esp 8266 / MRL GoPro Service

I'm going to build a DIY remote cause i don't want to spend 80 euro for the gopro one... Searching on google i found this post :

Communication with the gopro is pretty simple (easy as opening an URL :) 

So i ordered an esp 12-e instead of a version1 , to have more GPIO ports so more buttons to control my gopro ....

I'll also create an MRL service to control the gopro ;)

Waiting for parts now..

Stay tuned 


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We want the live video stream

We want the live video stream too !  (so does OpenCV) ... 
The new Webcam service might help with this task....

Also casted my net into google, and came up wit this - 

its' a little weird - it uses the ffmpeg executable ..  a bit hacky but was hoping for a clue to find out what kind of codecs GoPro supports ...

There are 3 codecs types in 'streaming'

An Audio Codec
A Video Codec
And a Container Codec