Distributed Teleoperated MRL Begins .... (sort of)

This was a first, so I wanted to share it !    I connected from a local instance of MRL to the online demo .. BOOYA !  - it connected !  I wanted to see if I could create a Joystick service .. it worked !  And I got a select option on the demo site of my local hardware .. unfortunately I forgot my Joystick :(   

But now we are one more step closer to awesome tele-robotics ! 
With our demo server, we can do NAT traversals !  Meaning, If Alessandruino connects his InMoov to the demo site and I connect my Joystick/'Myo/Leapmotion, etc .. I could control Ale's InMoov without him having to mess with a router or port forward !  WooHoo ! 

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OH Woooow, this is getting

OH Woooow, this is getting closer!! Is Alessandro working is InMoov as well to be ready? If you need, let me know so I put InMoov on the front of a mirror, so you can start telepresence experiences!