Desperately seeking ideas re: large build-area, cheapish 2nd 3D printer

It's come to my attention that my excellent Flashforge is not cutting it in the legs department. The build area is just too small for legs and other larger projects I'm contemplating. 

I don't want to spend mega-bucks on a second printer at this stage.  

Can anyone please suggest/warn about any 3D printers they've used with large build areas? I would like a fairly reliable one with a build area around 280mm/300mm cubed or larger. Preferably with a heated build plate. One extruder is okay.

A kit one would be okay, provided it arrives with all the parts.

P.S. I won't hold you responsible for future print failures.

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Have you thought of building your own design?

Start with a RAMPs controller, parts are readily available from Ebay.

You can make it as big as you need that way.


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I think CR-10 is one of the best low cost large printers today.

You can get it in sizes from 300*300*400 up to 500*500*500.

Much easier and faster than to source and build one yourself. 

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Re: the Creality.

That one looks interesting, Mats.  It looks like I would be paying a minimum of 800 Aussie dollars for that one, even on ebay from Hong Kong.  That's still pretty cheap for such a large build volume. The youtube reviews seem pretty favourable. Do you have one of these or know if any MRL people have one?  

Are you familiar with that software which was mentioned?  Do you think it would it be difficult to source and set up the software? 

Going from the video I would have to enclose it somehow to print ABS. 

Worth looking into. 

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The software that is used is Repetier / Cura ( Slicing software ). That's the software that I use for both my 3D printers. It looks like they use a modified version of Marlin ( for the hardware ).

It's a software combination that I have used for more than 2 years. 

The printer comes with an SD card with the software, or you can download the latest version from

I setup both Marlin and Repetier when I built my own 3D printer. I found very good guides, so that was never an issue.





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I took the plunge

Mats, I took your advice and just ordered the 500x500x500 CR-10 from ebay for $1,143 AUD (about 763 Euros or $906 USD).  I'm crossing my fingers it's not a dodgy knock-off and that the bed is heated.  

I'll build some kind of simple cube to cover it for printing ABS. With that size I won't ever be able to complain about build area. I could even print the cube parts in the printer, I suppose. 

Now to wait 3 weeks to a month for it to arrive. 

Thanks for your prompt advice, guys. 

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I wouldn't know how to build

Thanks for that suggestion, Ray. I wouldn't know how to build one from scratch. I've got too many other projects going at the moment to research how to go about it.  Good suggestion, though. Maybe one day in the future.  

I think I'd rather get a pre-built one or a very straight-forward kit at this stage.