"D" -Pad Workio just like Magic (Will Merlin stay or Go)

The "D"  pad (aka directional pad NSEW ) is now operational.

Here it is being tested in the Blender Game engine, practising my turbo jumping.

It consists of 4 tactile switches fitted into a wedge shaped holder , which slots into a holding carrier shell which then slots onto the main Joystick.

The  "Stick" part is also a cylindrical wedge shape which pivots at the bottom of the holder.

Wiring is all routed internally.

The back of the carrier shell is capped of with a 3D printed Lego compatible 2x2 addition... I am fighting my long attachment to the "Merlin" figure, as he might remain with the joystick when it exchanges hands, though my Elves will be glad to see him go..... :-(

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Ha !  .. I was wondering what

Ha !  .. I was wondering what the 3d-printed lego interface was for ..
How awesome to have a magic video game idol - to watch over the player ...
Kudos Gareth !