Custom power boards for InMoov Servos

So I know this is site is about MRL not InMoov hardware but I wanted to share the custom power distribution boards I built with other InMoov builders.

I originally wanted to use my Adafruit 16 port servo controller boards with the InMoov service so I could put one at each of the elbows and connect up the servos to keep it nice and simple, no additional tangle of wires. Those boards aren't integrated yet with InMoov, so I had to look for other options for get my bot ready for Makerfaire.

I switched to using two nano arduinos (one for right, one for left) and two custom power boards I hacked together to plug the servos into. So now I only need to run a usb cable and power to each of the elbows of the robot. I'll run 3 or 4 longer serial lines back up to the head to control the head. Take a look.

It's basically 4 rows of header pins on a blank prototyping PCB you can get at Radio Shack in the US. The power and ground pins are soldered together as 2 individual rails using "tinned bus wire". The signal pins are soldered to the neighboring pin so I can plug in a signal wire and run it to the arudino.

The only take about 15 minutes to build each.  

Works great in MRL. 


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Great Post Chuck !

Thanks for sharing .. and sharing is what this site is about !

Do you weave a bare wire down the rail pins (this is what I do) - but I have never shorted the double signal pins like you have there for the control wire - exceptional !

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Yup, I used tinned bus wire.

Yup, I used tinned bus wire. I added that to the post after the fact. Useful info :)

I wish I had flipped the boards and used the pads on the bottom, I feel dumb, cause the shorts would have been easier. In some cases it was hard to get them to "stick".


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Hey Yes, you end up doing

Hey Yes, you end up doing what I did!

I had posted on the forum some pics about my board for to power the servos and I had also posted the printed plugs to use multi wire ribbons, I will look if I find the link back.

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Here is the thread, you will

Here is the thread, you will see pictures and also find the STLs for to print them.

Link is Here