Current State of R0B-3

Hi I wanted to do this a long time ago and would wish that i would be more complete but I think I can still show what I have been doing with my robot.

Here is a photo of its current state (right arm broke and repair is in progress):


It is driving on a wheelchair base. The problem is that the big wheels are to far at the center, so during braking and fast acceleration it is noticable, that the base tips from the front to the back wheels or the other way around. Here is a video of it driving:

To drive it uses an FDTI-cable to a sabertooth as presented in the following photo and wiring diagramm:

As shown it uses an 12 V battery and an 6 V battery. The battery status is shown withthese symbols on the side of the robot:


The head is somehow the opposite of the current work of Alexinator40, as it is modified to be less human. I have removed the nose (leaning more toards C3PO from star wars) and added some strucures on the top of the head:


The ears have a big hole in them with some transparent green paper. In the head there is an led strip so the light can shien trough the transparent part as shown in this video:


other than One complete and one repaired arm the biggest missing part is a suitable brain. At the moment I use an olf loinux-laptop but whant to add something smaller but more powerful than a rapberri to add some deep-lesrning eventually. So I am really interested about the Tx2 experiments some of you do at the moment. The endgial is to start it with some lever flicks and then it should automatically start up and behave like a truncated version of C3PO.


The Fade Led Script can be found here:

For the Joystick control I use an XBox Controller and receiver. I wanted to use only one joystick and have an differential steering implementation in this script:


It is pretty messy code tough, beacause I wrote it with the old Sabertooth service and didnt want to rewrite it as it works in its current state.




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Thanks for the post Kakadu

Thanks for the post Kakadu !

Wow, I didn't know how much progress you had made ... impressive.
I think its great we are working on pretty similar ideas & hardware ... but I have no idea when an InMoov is going to be sitting on top of work-e...

Heh, just remove the little wheels and "balance"  - that will fix the rocking :D 

We even have the same kill switch .. (I've yet to install mine)

Your DC step-down converter goes from 6v to 5v ?

I certainly need to order a good usb hub, you have recommondations ?

Would you elaborate details on the fuses ?

Very nice led color effects, the battery level looks sweet. I'll peek at your pyrobotlab code, it be nice to embedded it, maybe here ...

I hope we can tag team and help one another ...


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Very impressive!!!!!   Normal

Very impressive!!!!!


Normal wheelchairs, and also the sportchairs (like wheelchair basketball and the like) have what is called anti tip over bars. You could compare them to drag race cars.

it is a short bar a bit diagonal for strenght and a small fixed whhel or a little caster underneath. Most are about an inch of the ground but some do have them fixed if they only ride flat surfaces.

My sport wheelchair (daily driver) HAD an anti tip over, but taking stairs, steps and all those funn things not for wheelchairs are then impossible. So i ripped it off and when i tilt too much i land on my back, but that was calculated.

I really like your inmoov, looks so damn cool and i hope to see it fly around all complete!!!!


Good luck on your build!!!


Greetings Wilco van Toorn

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In the end I think this will

In the end I think this will be an never ending project and I hope I can eventually redo some parts in metal, looking forward for the usage of wiper-motors for example, for the moment my progress is hidnered by my lack of time and money as a student. For the balance I eventually have to redo the whole chassis, as it is actually only a part of the original chassis.

My step-down converter delivers 5.1 V to the usb-hub which is rated for 2 A i think. It was pretty cheep but I cant find the order anymore, so I will see if it its enough to drive all usb devices in the end. The Kinect will be connected to the 12 V batteryline, there will be 1-2 usb cameras aleready sitting in place and the 2 arduinos which.

The battery level is from ebay, similar to this one but the original shop I bought it from isnt listed anymore:

I really like the ears with the transparent paper, It should allow me showing the mood of the robot trough color codes, instead of fancy face mouvements ;)

I'm glad you are doing similar things, but as I stated in the moment I cant do very much progress, atleast in the hardware as I'm limited to cheap parts or scrap parts. Also the differential steering code needs some revision and tuning, but I found it tedious working on it beacause I restarted mrl and laoed the new script for every change to avoid artefacts (which occured if I only stopped the script and started the modified one)

As for the body: it is in fact a painted, cut and heat bend sewer pipe ;) And Ray had some good eyes, it is indeed a kilt to make him a little less naked in this part (and also as cover for the usb hub on the back of the pipe)


as fuses I use car-fuses, 3A for the usb-hub, 25 A for the motorcontroller, 3 A for the rest of the 12V line and 10 A for the 6 V line. If some fuse will blow under normal load without errors I will need to think about using a bigger one.