Could someones elves confirm the lower arm parts.....

Can some kind Elf tell me (ASAP) if the Blue LEFT lower arm below looks correct.

Ie Both the Right lower arm and the left lower arm have the support gear on the same side.

I am asking because I could not find the opposite lower forearm and had to remesh myself.(it looks ok to me!!!)

Thanks In advance.....G

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non symetrical parts ...

yup. it's true. the left and right forearms are not completely symetrical.

The key is that the gear is the same for the left and right arms.  You have it correct.  

In general the forearms are listed

Left Arm Parts :

Right Arm Parts :

Bicep Parts (same for left & right) :

The robpart*.stl files represent the left and right forewarm,

robcap3V1.stl and leftrobcap3V1.stl connects to the same elbowshaftgearV1.stl

There is no "left"elbowshaftgearV1.stl part. 

you have it correct, and it looks great!


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YaY ...again forwards march

Humble thanks Kwatters.

It was quite a task to remesh.... glad I guessed right this time.

This good news means a few days less tapping chin...

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Two arms are better ... hips better still

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AMAZING ELF-FU ! can't wait


can't wait to start running all of the InMoov scripts from everyone on it !

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DarkStar cult film

I was thinking.... of the beachball alien from DarkStar

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