Controlling pendulum-like oscillations?

On many robots, when they move their arm, it tends to sway back and forth as the motion stops. Do you use some sort of sensor system, and active control to compensate for this swaying?

Joe Dunfee

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Hi Cadcode5 and Welcome

Hi Cadcode5 and Welcome :)

MyRobotLab software can compensate undesired overshoot in several ways.
Primarily the way to contend with overshoot is to "Ramp Down" - as the target location approaches usually its desirable to begin slowing down where velocity is a gradual ramp eventually stopping.

MyRobotLab (MRL) has speed control over servos and motors, and can employ this speed control in a way which will prevent swaying.  Sensors such as encoders could be used for feedback determining the current velocity and location of a motor.

At the moment there is no "auto-ramping" although I believe it would be possible.  In fact we have already planned it out in this post -