Control Issues

This is what the incubator/oven/build machine is turning into - a bunch of heterogeneous hardware parts all connected together - soon all connected and CONTROLLED by MRL ..  so that more automated testing can occur on every build / release.   The Arduino relays will be connected to the sprinklers.  The MK808 you can see in the foreground ... dual core and the size of a pack of gum !   Parallax, Mega, Beagle Board Black, Arduino clones, H-bridges, motors, IP camera, gamepad, microphone..  oh.. heh and the tablet & phone of course :)  

Lots more to hook up...

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:Q____ wow.... I would like

:Q____ wow.... I would like a table like that :D

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It's easy, you just take

It's easy, you just take apart every electronic project you have ever done or the last 20 years and slowly start putting all the crap in one spot - then connect it all together :)