Control audio with I2C amplifier MAX9744

Hi all ! I want to use this audio amplifier to control volume dynamicaly.
Is mrl can already handle it or this hardware need to be borged ?

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The i2c communication is all

The i2c communication is all setup in MRL, but I think you need a service to use it. The service will be very simple cause it have only one control. 

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Time to read "borg for

Time to read "borg for newbies"
I think I will have some questions soon :)

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Max9744 and Pcf8574

Hi Moz4r

The max8744 is very similar to the Pcf8574 in that you only need to write the address and a single byte to it.

So I added the max8744 addresses to the dropdownlist of the Pcf8574, and now it can be used to control the volume.

Example script here:

Download the 1970 version and it should be worky.

If you want to run it on the PI just change to use the RasPi service instead. ( No connect needed )

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So nice Mats ! Thank a lot. I

So nice Mats ! Thank a lot. I will try it and look what you have done to understand.