Continuous problems connecting Arduino

Just to make sure I am getting this right, I need to...

  1. open up MRL
  2. open the arduino section in MRL
  3. Copy the code
  4. Upload it to the arduino via the arduino development platform
  5. Connect the board to MRL
  6. Run the Servo tab

If all of that is correct, I don't know what is happening when I get error about my bad magic number, com errors, or (the strangest of all) getting the magic number but not updating the version.  I've tried to use other forum posts to solve this problem but have gotten nothing. I have also sent two NoWorky reports. No pictures because I forgot to take them... whoops.

Any ideas on what I'm doing?

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Getting better

I just reflashed the code on and I'm no longer getting the bad magic number error. Now it is a problem that the version isn't updating in the main arduino tab and the servo isn't responding. Getting better, but still need help.

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Latest build

Hi Littlpchan,  

  Welcome!  Thanks for reaching out.  You should try the latest build.  The link is on this page at the top of the shoutbox.  You're using build 1.0.119 .. we're on build 1.0.1106  ..  :)   A lot of stuff has been improved updated, a lot of bugs have been fixed.  

 Latest Build Download Link (for quick reference:  )

Let us know how it goes & good luck!