Good Afternoon Everyone, I am beginner and need help, 
In developer mode can start all services? 
Then, In (Right-Click) -> Debug configurations -> Runtime -> Arguments 
I define: 
-service gui GUIService -logLevel INFO -logToConsole 
When tightening in runtime F11, will not boot all the services? How do I initialize all services?

Thanks for the feedback Greg. 
I found the folder. And copied the repo serviceData.xml for .myrobotlab folder. 
I also tried to copy the repo site folder to the folder of the repo myrobotlab. Nothing happened differently.
I'm trying two ways - 1) Subversive and 2) subclipse 1.6.x
I decided to post to see if anyone can help me. The mode 1) more successful.

I'm testing with eclipse luna and kepler

Partially works with Subversive -
1) WORKED more or less -I can not start all services
It did not work with subclipse 1.6.x 


1) WORKED! more or less -I can not start all services

My PC 
step 1: eclipse/helpi/nstall new software


step 2 Repository Location

step 3: ceckout: Here to see the other structure. And just the right when I do a checkout myrobotlab BRANCHES. with trunk not of right.


step 4: Open Perspective JAVA - without errors

step 5: Open src - org.myrobotlab.service.Runtime

step 6: -> Debug configurations
should not other applications like this appear on the site at developer!


step 7: ARGUMENTS 
In JAVA APLICATION - Most applications should appear? or just runtime?



 step 8: DEBUG - I can not start the services.
That does not start all services? -service gui GUIService -logLevel INFO -logToConsole


*Here the picture of site, showing how it should be! - developer context.





When I follow the step by step to the mrl developer site using subclipse 1.6.x do it:

My PC 
step 1: eclipse/helpi/nstall new software

subclipse 1.6.x


step 2 Repository Location


step 3: ceckout



step 4 - Final: Open Perspective JAVA - Some error that does not know how to solve :(