conductive finger tips

these finger tips are made of SS-25 conductive silicone from Silicone Solutions. it is kinda costly, $50 for a 3oz tube which will do both hands and not much else.

when the wire is connected to an analog input on an arduino it senses when it touches anything. you can see the result by simply sticking a wire into an anlog pin and touch it. no ground wire used, so just one wire for each finger tip needs to go out to each hand.

It is harder than normal silicone so might not be everyones choice, but I am more concerned at knowing when contact is made, rather than having a flexable surface.


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Whoa ! ... Quality !  What

Whoa ! ... Quality !  What did you make the mold out of - InMoov's fingers? Is that a fingernail I see?

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the mold is the one Gael made for silicone covers, I just do not use the incert that makes them hollow

do not be in a hurry to remove them from the mold, give them 3 days to cure before spliting mold apart.

so they are a little too big, not much. It would be nice if Gael had a factor to shrink the mold print by to make them the exact size.