Hi, Is it possible to make a tuto to compile MyRobotLab ?

Sorry but the readme file it is not enough.

I download ant and i put the path --> OK

i download ivy, but where can i put ivy ?

I download myrobotlab and repo and i put together in d:/dev --> OK

So i have:

d:/dev/myrobotlab and d:/dev/repo --> OK

You can see result in my file.

Thank you




5 years 5 months ago

you need git installed and available in your classpath.


This is because the build script checks to see if the repo directory is available.

The error message in your screen capture shows that "git" is not found.

If git is installed, and added to your Path, you should be able to run "git" at the command prompt to checkout the code.

This is how you normally clone a github project.


5 years 5 months ago

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OK thank you.

But i have another problem.

It say "gson-2.8.3.jar doesn't exist."