Compile last MRL


I have some problem to compile last MRL.

Could you help me ?


You can found link file.

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javadoc warnings

Those are javadoc warnings, they are not compilation errors. You can ignore anything in the "javadoc" section of the build.

After running "ant dist" you should see a "build successful" message (though it might take ~ 15 minutes to run all of the unit tests.)

Good luck!

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No, sorry, i see build

No, sorry, i see build failed, 100 errors...

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The picture you supplied

The picture you supplied show's [ javadoc ] errors (as kwatters mentioned) .. which does not mean the build failed.


C:\> ant jar

to get a myrobotlab.jar

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perfect Grog, "ant jar"

perfect Grog, "ant jar" works.

(but "ant dist" always failed).