communication between MRL-Arduino and other microcontrollers

Hello, I need help, I want to perform bidirectional communication between the arduino and microchip microcontroller "PIC16f877" this has serial and I2C bus, I want to know if programming MRL is to be communicated to the microcontroller.The PIC16f877 use it to control motors but if communication could

use it to achieve more functions




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Hello and Welcome back Mecax

Hello and Welcome back Mecax !

You have an interesting project !  Thanks for the post and update.

Option #1 is not available (yet)

But if you have an FTDI cable and can connect it to the PIC then you can use Option #2 - MRL becomes the "bridge" between the two, and program it in Python

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Well, thanks

Well, thanks will use option 2 and if there is any good, I'll upload

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To communicate from MRL to

To communicate from MRL to the PIC - you'll want to use MRL's Serial service