Collaborative Code Services

Its a very different time from when I began my software development career.  The world has change.  When I started we scrolled our algorithms alone on parchment paper under candlelight.  When we were done the master monk lead engineer would convert our parchment to cards so they could process on the automated loom computer.

Now we have this new fangled "internet" thingy... communication is so much easier than our old isolated cells cubicles.  Improved communication potentially means improved quality of work.  I'm making this post exploring and examining some new code collaberation tools. Here is the list.

Its not even my list, its my review of someone elses list because with the new fangled "internet" thing, lots of people have already done this !  It's nice to be out of the cell cubicle :)

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My Experience so far

My Experience so far : - works well, no login needed,  but no revision control, not linked to a repo - good for quick collaboration but not long or big projects... - started with a nodejs install - required windows sdk to be installed and apparently visual studio (which I have several versions) - but still errored out - with "could not find cl.exe" - gave up

cloud-9  - requires you to create a login, but can link with a github repo - potentially "very good".  We use cloud-9 for the webgui's editor for Pythong ... currently using this one...