Cofiguration Files


I have spent some days figuring out how mrl works an so I now have some questions.

I've got servos and ProgramAB and OpenCV working and it is possible to connect some things to each other.
But I'm missing some INI-files to configure the services.

i.e. It is possible to implement a face-recognition in openCV. For that, you have to save pictures of faces in an directory. But where must I define the path? Where is the best place to store this?

I have similar Problems with Sphinx. I can download big libraries for german languages, but I can't find the places for the configuration to access the dictionary and so on.

kind regards

der Olifantenbaer

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  Ahoy olifantenbaer and

  Ahoy olifantenbaer and welcome !

kwatters made the face recognition filter - I don't remember what its called - so if he made it with a configurable directory - you could make crreate the filter and set the directory in Python .