Clock Bi-Direction MRL Messaging Over WebSockets


Here's some progress.  MRL Messaging is now working both ways (from MRL Service to View & from View to MRL Service).  

Control starts on the view when a button is clicked a Javascript JSON message is created and sent over the established websocket connection.  The WebGUI (running Java service) - parses the JSON into a Java MRL Message . The message is then put on the WebGUI's out bound message box and sent to the appropriate destination (in this case the "clock" service) 

When pulses are sent from the clock - the message is sent to the WebGUI service then serialized into JSON then put on the websocket which the browser parses into a Javascript Message object - The message itself  contains information on what method in the javascript should be called and supplies the correct paramters.

In the case of "pulse" the date is incremented to the new date value.

I think it would be nice to have the UTC long value - since you can't tell in the current format its being updated twice every second :P

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Wow...a new day has come...:D

Wow...a new day has come...:D can t wait to test it:) grog..YOU ROCK !!!