Hey Everyone,
This update from my end has been due since a while, but exhibiting the chess board at various events and managing sutdies leave me short of time. 
After Returing from Maker Faire, Rome, November was little slow due to our exams.
The board was showcased at Dubai and Sharjah's chess clubs and the feedback  on how the user interacts with the board during gameplay was helpful.
First we had the IIT Tech Fest in Mumbai and the response was Huge. (the line for entering the exhibit tent was looong... Literally waiting of 2 hrs !!!)
We had an amazing time with Gael and Nicola, I hope they enjoied the Paneer Tikka . (Click here for images)
The crowd was really fasinated with the Technology behind the board. Since the crowd was mainly the student community they were really eager to try out MRL as a software backend for their projects.
Gael took time and visited our University and presented Inmoov. The students and faculty were so facinated that we are planning to make our own InMoov here for learning and student development. (Click here for Images)
During the first week we were at Maker Fest Ahmedabad which is like an Indian Maker Faire, here too everyone was amazed to see the Chess Automated in action. (Click here for Images)
I even got an opportunity to make a pop up face tracking bot.
Taking inspiration from InMoov's face tracking we made a Face Tracking bot, it was all done in few hour at night.
Thanks to Greg and Alessandro for the help with software. Everyone was amazed with the awesomeness... Speacially when I tell them that all this took only few hours and how simply they can make one using MRL.
We also showcased the board at IIT Kharagpur and a corporate event in Mumbai. (Click here for Images)
Since we now have a bigger team, we will contune to exhibit the board in the coming weeks and simulataneouly continue with the development.
Chess Automated 3rd Prototype:
We had developed this protoype before MF Rome, but it hasnt functioned effectively yet due to some design flaws, we improved the internal mechanism and now it is almost ready. Will update with more images and videos shortly....
We even attempted to make the board standalone so a comouter isnt required using a raspi but again that also gave us errors and since we did'nt have much experience with Pi we ditched that plan too.
In Jan we made a simple Android app utilizing Droid Fish as the backend exchange moves with the board using bluetooth.
It still needs some work to make it stable.. will share the screenshoots shortly ...
Thanks to all for the feedback and support and do checkout our FB page facebook.com/chessautomated and like it to get updates. 


8 years 1 month ago

Great updates Mehtaatur !

You have been busy !  Your third prototype look very refined, excited to see updates.  I'm surprised you ditched the Pi .. but I'm sure you solutions will be very clever.


Thanks Greg :)

We decided to skip Pi as it increased the over all costing and it was difficult for us to configure it from the scratch because the IO pins on pi were not sufficient.

Instead we made our app, so now via bluetooth, any android phone could be used to for playing an automated game on the board.